Lunds Kommuns Fastighets AB, LKF, is a council-owned company that offers housing in and around Lund in the southern Swedish region of Skåne. In total, LKF owns and manages just over 9,000 dwellings providing accommodation for close to 20,000 people. Their aim is to build between 250 and 300 new homes per year. Better housing makes the region more attractive and contributes to the municipality’s continued positive development.

The theme for the 2019 Annual and Sustainability Report was SUSTAINABLE EVERYDAY LIFE. LKF sees safety and sustainability as essential to good, quality living for tenants as well as staff and stakeholders. Equally important is the need for an organization that functions economically, socially and ethically. Their view is that if sustainability does not work at the everyday level, it has little chance of working at a higher level.

We have been responsible for the concept, design and production of LKF’s printed and digital Annual and Sustainability Report for the last six years. The digital version is developed in Bysted’s publishing platform InPublix.

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