Skåne Stadsmission is a not-for-profit foundation funded by donations, grants, contracts and sales revenue. It is an ideas-based organization that operates in a number of locations in the southern Swedish region of Skåne. Social activities are conducted in parallel with business activities. The organization is staffed by trained and experienced people. Their daily work ranges from emergency relief to structured change work for the individual based on a holistic perspective. Every day, all year round, more than five hundred men and women apply for help from Skåne Stadsmission. Their needs are many and complex.

The theme for the Annual Report 2019 was “Compassion in a hardening society mirroring the fact that Skåne has become a tougher society for those already having a hard time. It’s not just about reduced levels of support but also the polarizing effect of the tone of the debate and the political rhetoric.

For the last four years, we have been responsible for the structure, design and production of Skåne Stadsmission’s annual report (produced in InDesign) along with financial statements which are published in Bysted’s platform InPublix.