The primary purpose of an annual report is to provide key information on a company’s financial position – a snap-shot of the health of the company, its growth and prospects as well as its ability to meet its financial obligations. It also has a longer-term purpose – to establish credentials for value-creation and explain to customers, employees, investors and partners, the company’s business idea and purpose.

The ability to clearly communicate how the company is run, what it stands for and the potential for investors are all preconditions for success. That’s why annual reports are one of the most important ingredients in a company’s brand building work and communications mix.


We have more than twenty years of experience in financial communication. That experience covers strategic advice as well as the design, structure and production of annual and sustainability reports. Behind all those tables and words, there is a vision as well as people and ambitions that simply can’t be measured in figures.  We think that an annual report should tell readers in a concise, straightforward way how a company creates value. And once you have established that, then you can use the information in a whole series of ways:

  • Printed reports
  • Digital reports – InPublix
  • One-page summary reports
  • Quarterly reports
  • Animations or films to communicate annual and quarterly results
  • Internal and external communication of the contents of reports:
    • Summaries and easily digestible versions of reports
    • Engaging PowerPoint presentations
    • Social media
  • Follow-up, statistics of digital publications
  • Live transmissions, for example on capital market days
  • Materials for AGMs and capital market days
  • Prospectus