What do the world’s most successful companies have in common? A brilliant business concept, the means and determination to implement it, as well as a clear strategy. All this, yes. But they also have a unique skill of explaining what they’re about to the world around them – to their customers, colleagues, investors and partners. The ability to clearly and memorably communicate the soul of a company – what it stands for, its strengths and its potential – is a precondition for success.


The primary task of an annual report is to give an account of the past year. That means a lot of figures, admittedly. But behind those table and diagrams lie a bunch of people, a whole load of wills and ambitions, a vision and much more that cannot be directly measured in figures. Let’s call it a soul.

Because a company’s annual report is one of its most important communication tools and because its aim is to provide a picture of how the company creates value, it can be key in communicating that very soul.

We have more than 15 years of experience in financial communication – consulting, concept development, structure, design and production of annual and sustainability reports, integrated reports, digital annual reports, one-page summary reports, quarterly and half-year reports, internal and external communication in and around annual reports, prospectus and web-based financial communication.