Duni is one of Europe’s leaders in the design, manufacture and marketing of high quality tablecloths, napkins, candles and other table setting products. Duni also offers packaging and packaging systems to the growing market for ready-made meals and takeaway.

Memories for all the senses

Food is the heart of each meal, it is something we all have in common and at the same time something that people meet and socialize around.

Duni is not just a supplier of napkins, tablecloths, candles, glasses, plates, cutlery and more. They supply anticipation, excitement, inspiration and surprises – which are elements create an unforgettable dinner, feast or lunch.

With an innovative and inviting setting, Duni contributes to a good atmosphere – “goodfoodmood” – at each meal. It raises the experience of the meal and makes it extra memorable. Everything that Duni create and sell affects sight, smell, taste sensations and gives guests memories for the senses.

Our mission

For the fourth year in a row, Bysted is responsible for the concept, design and production of Duni’s annual report, both a Swedish and a English printed version. The online version is produced in Bysteds WordPress-based platform InPublix in a Swedish and in an English version as well. There is also a filmed CEO statement.