The Öresund Bank in two minutes

From a blank sheet of paper to a strong brand

Our journey began in 2010 through the merger of the Finn and Gripen Banks. Through the merger the new bank could increase its local presence in 25 communities in western Skania. Today they are an important operator in the banking sector and a strong regional brand.

Our mission

Initially our mission was to participate in the internal brand and naming process, after which we could start creating the new brand.

  • Name
  • Brand
  • Strategy
  • Communications strategy
  • Communications concept ‘WHAT IF’
  • Visual identity
  • Online graphic manual
  • Signage concept and execution
  • Launch campaign and all other campaigns during 2011-2013 including TV, radio, outdoor, ads, banners and print
  • Web design, web site, intranet, internet banking
  • Annual reports, digital and print
  • Credit card design
  • Exhibitions
  • Internal communications

A symbol with heritage from the nineteenth century

The conditions were given. The Swedish tradition of using an oak as the symbol for savings banks should continue into our time. Bysted carefully modernized and integrated the savings bank, cooperative offices and compassion. A clean and clear symbol with its heart in western Skania took shape.

Several coins in an arc shape symbolizes money growing and recycled into society.

The loop feeling is strengthened and highlights the new bank and its cooperating offices.

The stem is added and the design merges into a proud oak. A heart, symbolizing humanity, is present on the left side of the tree top.

Finished symbol.

In contrast to the soft shapes of the symbol the name was placed in a clean and clear font with weight. Our selection of the green base colour felt natural for Öresund Bank: Green sprouts and grows, Green is friendly and positive, Green is safe, Green is environmental.

Visual identity

With the basic visual elements in place we started implementing the visual identity into everything from digital and print to signage and interiors.

The visual identity is the key visual building block in the work of building a strong brand.

Living the brand

As the visual identity was being developed the important work of building the bank’s brand internally was under way.

With a developed brand platform and a clear communications strategy, we developed a communications platform. At the same time there started a series of internal activities and campaigns aimed at getting all of the bank’s employees on the same track.


The communications concept WHAT IF runs through all of the bank’s communication. The strength in the Swedish expression TÄNK OM becomes clearer when considering its double meaning. It can be read both as WHAT IF and RETHINK.

WHAT IF! is a call for action and a constant reminder to see things from new perspectives, to think differently, to question the old ways in the traditional banking industry. Both internally and externally. At the same time we tell the market to rethink and make a conscious bank choice. To choose a bank that is different.

WHAT IF… is to dream, think ahead, to fantasize. Dare to believe in change.

The words are used in a series of creative ways in all of the bank’s communication.

Launch campaign

Öresund Bank challenges the big elephants in the marketplace. The purpose of the campaign was to use one single message to communicate that two banks had merged while enhancing local presence. The campaign was rolled out over multiple channels in western Skania incl. outdoor, TV public transport, digital, print , etc.

The following surveys showed a tremendous impact and it was received very positive by the market.


We could really start working on external communications. We needed a strong message and a symbol that clearly illustrated the concept of a savings bank.

WE GIVE BACK! In combination with the heart shape was not only part of the logo and a reminder of the human and close, it was also a symbol of the savings bank concept of GIVING BACK to the community where we live and work.

This message has been the foundation of a series of branding campaigns in western Skania.

The educational angle

What is a savings bank? The savings bank concept, with a part of the banks profit being reinvested into our community through the support of different projects, is not self-evident.

The idea of a more educational angle was born. In the TV campaign a hand symbolizing a teacher’s, explains the good cycle of the bank.

The unique illustration form became the bank’s way of explaining the brand in both a down to earth and comical way.

Top score in customer satisfaction

SKI has measured customer satisfaction in the Swedish banking industry since 1989.They annually measure image, expectations, product quality, service quality, value, satisfaction and loyalty.

Öresund Bank clients were amongst the most satisfied in Sweden, yet another confirmation of successful branding.

Our collective journey from the blank sheet of paper had reached a very important milestone.

The campaign ‘BECOME A LARGE CLIENT IN A SMALLER BANK’ went head-on with the media debate around the public’s increasing skepticism to large banks.

The journey continues…