For a number of years Bysted has been responsible for the implementation of Tetra Pak’s new visual identity and we have assisted Tetra Pak with production, training and support in close cooperation with the Brand Communications department.

The graphic manual: Tetra Pak Brand and Graphic Standards, covered 110 pages and was only distributed as a vey heavy navigational PDF. From this PDF a couple of thousand copies are printed and distributed around the globe.

At the same time an internal process was under way at Tetra Pak to implement the revised brand platform. Communication with the staff was mainly through intranet and mail but also through print. Bysted’s mission was to simplify this process.

Why not create a web site where staff can get a better idea of the whole Tetra Pak brand? A place you can  turn to whether you need to download a PMS logo or to get a step by step guide on creating Brazilian campaign materials. The solution was to gather the complete Tetra Pak brand in one source: The Tetra Pak® Brand Source.