There is more than what meets the eye – The story inside

Our mission

Bysted has developed an extern, global, campaign, for Alfa Lavals Gasked Plate Heat Exchanger, GPHE. There is more than what meets the eye – both when it comes to technical solutions and the qualitative craftsmanship. None of this is visible on the surface. It’s not enough to see the products to understand and believe in their greatness. The client must see the entire picture, including the one of the inside. A kind of a transparent approach, and a recognition of the whole picture.

Our solution

We have developed a strong, visual concept; INSIGHTS. We encourage the clients to see beyond the surface with new technology to really see Alfa Lavals strengths. With an X-ray we’re communicating both the soft values and the technical details, which make an enormous difference for the client over time. We communicate in an innovative, entertaining and unique way.

The campaign consists of the following parts:

  • Augmented Reality App for iOS and Andriod units
  • A responsive campaign website loaded with advanced, animated films and stories.
    A “leave-behind” with the possibility to use the same Augmented Reality App to explore different case stories from a world map.
  • Roll-ups
  • DM