Lunds Kommuns Fastighets AB, LKF, is a wholly-owned municipal company. They offer homes in the city of Lund, Genarp, Södra Sandby, Stångby, Veberöd, Dalby and Revinge. They own and manages over 9,000 residential apartments, which means that close to 20,000 citizens of Lund have gotten their homes through LKF.  The goal is to complete between 250 and 300 homes per year.  Better housing makes Lund more attractive and contribute to the municipality’s continued positive development.

”RUM FÖR ALLA” means that LKF builds and preserves. Both living rooms and urban space. They are also passioned about reducing the gap between people and creating living space. In a vibrant and sustainable city, there is room for everyone.


Bysted has been responsible for the concept, design and production of LKF’s annual report, both the printed and the digital version. The digital version is produced in Bysteds publishing platform InPublix.