The Öresund Bridge was almost done…

…the future of the region looked bright. Bysted Malmö was founded in 2000 to complement the Copenhagen Office in the new region. Today we’re a Swedish agency with some of the region’s largest operations in the business sector as clients. Ranging from brand strategy, visual identity and financial communications to digital solutions. Both in the private and the public sector.

What and why

We value talent, think creatively and believe that a strong concept is key to make a brand clear and attractive. Our most important task today. We live to create communications that touch and do good; for the brand, business and the world around us. We believe that brands speak to the people and not the markets.

Our humanistic vision permeates not only our culture at the agency but also our approach and our customer relationships. Whether we create a new brand from scratch, changing the attitude to an existing or increases interest in an already successful.

H&H group

H&H GROUP is an independent owner of leading communication agencies Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, Comprend, Intellecta Corporate, Jung Relations, Creo, Springtime, Hilanders, Tomorrow, Involve, Unreel, Consilio and Bysted.

The agencies combined have more than 370 professionals advising clients from offices in Stockholm, Malmoe, London, Lisbon and Shanghai.

Gundua Foundation

Gundua Foundation was founded by Intellecta 2007 with the ambition to create real value and allow for real change. Since then, the Gundua Foundation has seemed to give, especially children and young people, opportunities for a better life through investments in projects in education and health. Intellecta has been deeply involved and continues to be a leading partner to the foundation. Intellecta’s commitment to the work of the Foundation is increasing continuously. Each year Intellecta donates a lump sum equivalent to SEK 200,000. A number of employees waives every month a voluntary amount of their wages for the benefit of the foundation. Intellecta also contributes with human resources and assists the Foundation with, amongst other,  print production and web development free of charge.

What primarily distinguishes Gundua Foundation from other nonprofit organizations is its focus and clarity. The foundation works with concrete activities that provide immediate results. Today the Foundation runs projexcts in Ex-Lewa, Kenya: Gundua Secondary School, Primary School and Gundua Health Centre. The foundation has minimal administration and expenses beyond the projects themselves; all means go almost directly to those who need them most – children and adolescents.

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