It’s about the next generation…

E.ON Nordic is part of German E.ON Group, one of the largest private energy companies in the world, with presence in Europe, USA and Russia.

Our mission

Bysted developed the name and concept for E.ONs future oriented exhibition ‘Energy NXT Generation’, shown at Öresundsverket in Malmö. The exhibition presented E.ON and its current operations, and the operations E.ON plans to run in the future. It introduced ‘what is energy’ and included Öresundsverket from a historic, current and future point of view. The exhibition also dealt with the climate issue and gave many concrete tips on how to be climate smart.

The starting point of our concept was that everything changes. Some energy sources run out and/or affect our environment harmfully. E.ON knows this and is working from a change perspective, where you have to think in new ways. Energy consumers also have to think in new ways. It is quite simple – once you gain insight. Creating insights was also the main task of the exhibition. It is about the next generation of energy sources and the next generation of energy consumers – Energy NXT Generation.

Exhibition materials

We produced separate catalogues for adults and children plus posters, invitations and more

Virtual Exhibition

The next step was to transfer all of the information to the digital world. We did this by creating 3D graphics of the exhibition, where you could click around to explore the different subjects. The virtual exhibition was hosted on the E.ON website and was handed out as a CD to all new employees